Drinks with Tony – Miranda July

(Originally aired on Pirate Cat Radio, San Francisco.)



I caught up with Miranda July the first time when her film Me and You and Everyone We Know was released in 2005.

Drinks with Tony – Miranda July

Here’s the original copy that ran on the Drinks with Tony website after the show aired….

Miranda July
hosted by Tony DuShane

ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW is a new film by Miranda July. The theme of the film is people trying to connect with each other and how far the deeply sad and lonely will go to find togetherness.
Miranda July part 1:
Bobby, a six-year-old boy in the film and his online sex chats with an older woman, John Hawkes (DEADWOOD), Steve Buscemi, Paul Giamatti and the casting process.

Miranda July part 2:
Miranda’s creation of dialogue, particularly the realistic vocabulary of the boy in the sex chat room wanting to stick his poop in the woman’s butt hole.

Miranda July part 3:
Miranda explains more about the scene where she walks with a shoe salesman she’s obsessed with down a street and she pretends the street is a metaphor for their potential life long relationship, which would end when they come to the end of the street.

Miranda July part 4:
Miranda talks about her upcoming live shows, her early break into Hollywood by receiving a ‘story by’ credit on Wayne Wang’s film, THE CENTER OF THE WORLD and some of her favorite authors.